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Look for the leaf symbol to find natural, organic, fair trade and environmentally friendly stores and products.

Need to send a gift outside of the U.S.?  Check our international stores.

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Sustainable, "green," renewable, environmentally friendly, holistic, recycled, natural, organic and free-trade -- these words are becoming more and more main-stream and less "alternative." 

The links on this page are to online shopping sites that focus on services and products that promote natural health for you and your family as well as healthy products for your pets; products that are environmentally responsible; organic products; products that promote a well-balanced life style, including physical, mental and spiritual;  energy-efficient products that save our natural resources; and fair-trade, alternative idea and miscellaneous alternative sites

Other online shopping sites carry some "green" products, and I encourage you to explore those options in other stores as well.  This page is a summary of online stores that exclusively carry sustainable, natural, energy-saving products and services. 

Note that my classifications are arbitrary.  If you don't see what you want under the "green" listing, try the organic or another category.  Many overlap!

Alternative Health

Bistro M.D.

Brand Name Supplements 

Chinese Herbs Direct


Health Web Shopping

Herbs MD


House of Nutrition

i-Supplements Herbs & Foods

Magnetic Therapy

Native Remedies

Nature's Inventory 

Organic India (Ayurvedic products)

SerenityHealth - Award-Winning site, offering magnificent, unique relaxation products at Discount Prices.

Shop Puritanís Pride Bargain Bin for Special Offers on Top Selling Vitamins & Supplements.  

Revival Soy - Delicious doctor-formulated soy protein

South Beach Acai - The New Revolutionary Weight Loss System


Green Products

FiltersFast water filters

Lip Ink International

Tersano International Non-chemical cleaning products

UrthBags - Handbags Made from Recycled Materials


Natural Pet Products

Duncraft Nature Store

Happytails Spa

Nature's Inventory 

Only Natural Pet Store

Wysong Pet Food

Pet Wellbeing Inc.

Organic Products

Forces of Nature - Featuring the World's First and Only Line of Medicine that is Certified Organic! FDA Registered

Gardens Alive! - $20 Off Purchases $40 Or More!

Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattresses

Organic Bouquet

Sustainable Energy

Alternative Power Choices 

Real Goods Solar  

Miscellaneous Alternative

Adagio Teas

Best Bath Store

Bigelow Chemists

BuildDirect - Green Products - Go Green for Less

Find Bliss (Music)

Gaiam Fair Trade

Hay House Inspirational books, audios, kits, and gifts

My Yoga Online

National Wildlife Federation Shop icon

Santosha Shop

SeaBear Smokehouse

Wai Lana Yoga


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